About Us

Hooser Equine will some day be a business, but for now is just a dream. My goals at this stage are to keep learning all I can and to stay involved in our local horse communities. I want to help others with horse training challenges and to keep up my riding as we move where the military sends us.

I grew up taking jumping lessons and bought my own horse when I was fourteen. She was an Appaloosa/Morgan cross and I spent many hours of fun in the saddle traipsing across the Vermont fields and dirt roads.

As a teenager, I fell in love with the Rocky Mountain horse while working on a Rocky Mountain Horse farm in Vermont; Cedar Grove Farm. I spent many summers learning about this beautiful breed and knew I would eventually own one of my own. Their smooth gait and sweet-natured dispositions always amazed me. However, I also loved other breeds and had a hard time making plans on where my horse business would eventually lead.

I eventually sold my first horse to a friend before heading to college and then after I got married in 2007, bought a horse I was training. That was how we ended up with Sunday Evening Magic. It wasn't until 2011 that I decided I wanted to raise these wonderful Rocky Mountain Horses and later that year, we bought our first Rocky, Nic Nac. Since making the decision to specifically raise, train, and sell Rockies, I haven't looked back once. I have had some delays to my business dreams, but it is very much alive and well and will be exciting to see where it takes us next!

And so it began!

Jessica and Travis Hooser
Hooser Equine