Apr 20, 2012

Nic Nac's New Friend

Yesterday Nic Nac and I were on our second ride of the day as we prepare for certification. As a change of pace we went out on the road for a longer ride. We saw a tractors, school bus, a few other horses, and a particularly goofy cow! Nic Nac was extremely well behaved especially considering this cow coming at us full force from one end of it's paddock and not stopping until he was within 5 feet of us! Nic Nac just stood and watched. And as we continued on our way with this cow bucking and running alongside, Nic just acted like it was a normal day-to-day thing. I was very pleasantly surprised at how quietly she absorbed the new experience.

On our way home, we had a tractor fly by us, and Nic just went along like it was a normal car. I can't wait until the certification process is over and I can start thinking about showing and potential studs for breeding later. I think we will have a wonderful time together regardless of the changes the years bring. What a joy it is to have such a sweet horse! I am blessed.