Mar 31, 2012

The End to March 2012

March has come and gone so fast I feel like I blinked and it was over. April should prove to be another busy month as the weather gets increasingly warmer. Soon the hot summer will be upon us and riding time will slow some.

We'll be welcoming another boarding horse on April 1st. A Tennessee Walking Horse gelding. We're looking forward to having him with us and welcoming his owner, Jamie, as well. We're hoping for some nice gaited rides together! It will be a joy to have another gaited horse on the property!

We also will be getting back into the swing of lessons and will be using our beautiful Nicci as a lesson horse. She is one of the sweetest natured horses I have ever known and will take care of anyone who is on her. I love that we'll be able to share her with others and let people see what a great breed the Rocky Mountain Horses are.

Junior is doing well after his surgery. He will soon be able to go in with Nicci as her new pasture pal when Sunday leaves us for her new home. He is shedding out to a brand new color as the red slowly disappears and is replaced with a stronger roan coloring.

Nicci will soon be certified. She is moving out beautifully and has locked into a much faster gait. We are really enjoying the rides she gives us! We have taken her pictures for certification, so hopefully we will be all set when the time comes.