Jan 31, 2012

January Progress

Well, January has brought us beautiful weather and the chance to do alot of riding! Nicci has been getting ridden at least three times a week and has her nice slow gait down really well. I will try to post another video soon so you can see her progress!

We also have acquired another horse, Junior. He is part Appaloosa and part Quarter horse and is a strawberry roan. His owner didn't have the time needed to train him, so she offered him to us to keep since we have the time and the means to work with him on a regular basis. He hadn't been touched before she brought him to us, and she had very little time to spend with him. Now he allows us to pet him almost all over. He's only about 8 months old, so he has lots of time to get used to us before we train him to be ridden.

Sunday is also being worked regularly. She is awesome to do groundwork with and to ride. Today we spent time loading in the trailer and longing. She did both beautifully. We like making sure the horses will load whenever we want and are comfortable doing it. She is for sale so we can work to expand our Rockies. We're asking $4500.00 for her. Look at our sale page for more info, and look for a video of her soon as well. She is an awesome trail horse and would make a fantastic show horse. She is also great with kids!

We are looking forward to what February will bring!