Dec 1, 2011

December has arrived!

We closed out November with our little bundle arriving the day before Thanksgiving! What a month it was! Now we get to enjoy the rest of the holidays as a family of four. Along with one dog, one cat, and three horses on the property, there is never a dull moment around here!

Just this morning, our two horses decided to pull part of our fence down and have a romp around the rest of the property. Luckily they were pretty engrossed in the grass that has finally grown back that they didn't go too far and were easily caught and returned to their pasture. Still, it made for an exciting morning.

Soon we'll be in the throes of training! Nicci needs to be certified this spring and Sunday needs to be ridden regularly. We can't wait to get started, but for now we will be enjoying spending time with family for the Christmas season!