Oct 19, 2011


The cool air has been so nice for the horses. We are seeing a daily change in their coats. Nicci's coat is getting thicker, and Sunday's is getting darker. Sunday's dapples are really showing now and she's become a dark gold color. They both are getting ready for our relatively mild winter.

I'm getting anxious to get riding, but our own family's growth will require me to hold off another couple months! This part of the fun must be left to the husband. Even so, both horses are getting some groundwork to keep them fresh until January and a little ride time occasionally. We're so excited to see how Nicci progresses in the spring. She had a week or two off from her side-passing training and when I asked her to try it again, she knew exactly what I wanted and did it without any need for refreshing. She's going to be such a joy to continue training under saddle!